a strange meet up

this afternoon i am meeting up with my district superintendent and a group of other eclectic pastors, many i call friends. we were ‘required’ to be part of this group as we are teaching our ds about progressive ministry anythings. a learning group of sorts. however, when i said sure to the group (in honesty, i am laity and i don’t see myself being required by my ds to do anything) i thought we’d be talking culture, technology, mission, monasticism, worship, etc… but instead we have been required to read this book together.. and we have to write a one page paper on a required chapter (mine is chapter 9). this is our 2nd meeting of this gathering and i am confused to know what to expect or think. i don’t even know if i will enjoy it it.. though i probably will enjoy somewhat if some of my buddies are there. i even like our ds, he’s a dreamer and i can appreciate that. might even be an ambitious slacker.

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