Gavin Richardson | gavoweb

Imagine a web designer, writer, and hack photographer that is a cross between Jason Dufner & Jack Black. This is actually a pretty accurate description. Seriously.

Gavin lives in Hendersonville Tennessee with his wife Erin & their two boys Brooks & Rhys. They own a local pest-control company (All-American Pest Control) that you can, at times, find Gavin working with when the bugs are bad.

gavoweb creations is a natural extension of Gavin’s freelance web solutions work for the decade. Gavin is a partner at CircuitWriter Media which operates the United Methodist Reporter and MethoBlog, both entities he is actively contributing to. Gavin is also a partner with startup Wesleyan youth ministry resource Youthworker Circuit and Youthworker Movement.

Gavin is a veteran of youth work within the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has been on many leadership positions within the conference in the 13+ years within the TNUMC. Gavin currently serves on the Project Transformation Tennessee board of directors.

You can find published (print and online) works by Gavin through the UpperRoom, DevoZine, UMPH, GBOD, UMCom and many other entities of the United Methodist Church.

He is regularly consulted and asked to speak about church communications, social media, and other ministry dynamics.