bringing back the blog : an idea for the future

i basically took the month of june off from blogging, in case you
didn't notice.. part was work induced, part was family induced, mostly
though, i needed to take a break & figure out how to come back to
blogging and feel good about it.

i figured to come back july 1st.. oh well.

new ideas to the blog, will be to integrate more video commentary &
teaching into my postings. this will mean less posting (which probably
should have happened years ago), but hopefully a broader sharing of
thoughts in not just the written medium but branching into video. we'll
see how that goes. my goal is to integrate one to two postings a week
in that format.

another spot too, as fillers to commentary, is to
put in more practical looks into youth ministry & technology. its
my calling & i've strayed way too far from it in the past few years
getting caught up in some big church things. i still love the big
church stuff, but i've been narrowing my 'responsibilities' and helping
to distribute talents to some of the networks i've developed over these
last 15 years of ministry so to tend to my flock God blessed me with
more fully.

i might fall off what stool i was on in the big
church landscape, but that is totally cool & totally necessary. not
really sure how i got there in the first place, probably my own pride
& ambition. regardless, i'm feeling really good going into this new
phase of ministry & how to share it with others.

looking forward to reconnecting with you all again soon.




  1. rev mommy says

    Sounds like what I’m going though right now, as well. I think I’m going to focus on prayer… maybe.

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