the Fabulous Female Theologians of Twitter (some of)

No, this isn’t some calendar shoot idea, though admittedly that would be quite amusing. Yesterday Bill Reichart posted a Top 10 Theologians on Twitter and I shot back that there were no women theologians and that they all seemed to be the same stock white males that get thrown out everywhere. So Bill asked for me to add to the list. I am happy to because not that I am in any disagreement with the list (though some of the 10 are not close to my top theologians, but that’s just a flavor thing) my critique wasn’t done in a mean spirit. It is the trouble with making a list, someone gets left out.

So in the spirit of sharing, here are some Female Theologians of Twitter (not in any particular order)

Rachel Held Evans gets my first & easiest nod, mostly because we have actually hung out before. Watching her growing audience and the prophetic voice she is speaking from has been great to watch over the years. Seriously, if someone is going to take the bible seriously enough to sleep in a tent in the front yard when she is on her menstruation period has to get some props, or a honk as you drive by.

Maggi Dawn who has been a voice through the alt worship scene of the UK for over a decade plus is now moving to Yale University as their Dean of Chapel and Associate Professor of Theology which she did similar to at Cambridge for the decade prior. Also a published author as any good minister in the academic circles would be. She has also been a prolific blogger and speaker to add onto her list of good works.

Bishop Vashti McKenzie who is the first female ever elected to the highest office of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.) in its 200 year history and has served there since 2000. She’s pretty cool when it comes to social media podcasting, blogging, and putting up a 12k follower list on twitter (which is the largest for this listing, i think).

Diane Butler Bass first came onto my radar with her book the Practicing Congregation by Alban Press (a great read) and has been a favorite of mine since then. Probably her most prominent book has been Christianity for the rest of Us, which has actually sat in my to be read pile for some time. Promise Diane, I will get to it. &:~)

Tami Heim & Toni Birdsong I am grouping together because they are the duo behind Sticky Jesus. Met them at a TN Christian Chamber event a few months back and they are just delightful. I don’t believe they have the academic theology pedigree, but old friend Stan Grenz put its that everyone is a theologian and under that and considering their prolific capacity and passion to sharing Christ they get on my list & should be on yours.


Given, this list was actually a bit difficult to produce in that many prominent female theologians don’t do twitter, or started an account but are rather quiet on them. My criteria for this was rather simple in that they needed to be ‘active’ (totally subjective to according to me) and have around or over 1k followers. That cut into some of my list of people I like to read like a @lnwiner. Thought about adding in some folks like a @sandramccracken but she’s touring now and most of her tweets are about shows at the time of this posting, not quite a time of high theology for her now. Thought about some of the famous pastor wives, but ultimately discounted them because those seem to be ‘team’ influencers. One thing I thought was interesting was that there wasn’t any tribute twitter accounts to people like  Julian of Norwich. Sadly, Teresa of Avila went quiet a few years ago.. Mother Teresa is somewhat alive in bots and tribute accounts.

Most though, I have this idea that Twitter isn’t the medium for the lady. Maybe it was the culturing of its early adopters but Twitter in many ways has a feel of self promotion mixed in with its sharing and conversation & I don’t think it is part of the female drive to get into puffing out the chest to show a “this is what I have to say” everyone.

All guy lists are not anything out of the norm. Andy Rowell put together an add on list a few years back and all his peeps were dudes, and he’s someone who is very open to the various people who take on leadership of the church. So maybe we need more ladies doing their theology thing on twitter, maybe not, someone has to be acting out their theology out in the real world and we are probably better off having the ladies do that while us fellas talk amongst ourselves about who is best.

So feel free to comment away and add more of the lovely ladies of twitter for this listing.. it really is just a start of a hopeful full recognition


    • says

      I’d tend to say it was more pastoral than theologian. They are considered big wigs to a certain population. But all that gave me some liscence to interpret for my list as well. &:~)

  1. G Lake Dylan says

    i like the list very much! a wonderful listing of top notch theologians and much more representative of middle ground to post-liberal and progressive than the list of male theologians who would all seem to be rather right of center in the thelogical spectrum.

    • Gavin Richardson says

      Good list David, some I’ve never heard of, some i have and just didn’t consider so thanks for adding to the listing.

  2. says

    What an honor to be on your list, Gavin! You are right—no Theology degrees here—but we’re armed and dangerous with a fierce love of the gospel & a passion to share it with the millions who have yet to hear it.

    We believe that Twitter/social networks remain one of the most power channels on the planet for evangelism and fulfilling the Great Commission in “such a [wired] time as this.”

    Guy or chick—I don’t think it matters. What matters is one’s focus & motive. If you are gonna chatter & promote anyone all day online, let’s make that person Jesus Christ. His message is sticky and WE (His Church) are called to share sticky, eternal Truths—not idle chatter and puffed up praise of self 24/7.

    We appreciate YOU in this space Gavin and for turning the conversation (for a brief moment) to the women “bringin’ it.” I plan to follow all the women mentioned in this stream throughout the day.

    Bless you brother. :)

  3. says

    Thanks Gavin -

    As always – no one brings life to words better than my beloved sister and friend, Toni.

    So beyond offering a ‘ditto’ to the comments of my sticky partner in Christ, let me simply echo appreciation for your kind and generous nod.

    May no one ever be confused… ALL we do, we do to bring Him honor and glory. We live and love to make Him known.


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