Have an outflow to sustain Life : Lesson from a Dead Sea

This post originally written for Sticky Sheep

The Dead Sea is one of those iconic sites to check out with a visit to the Holy Land. It isn’t dead in the aspect that it does have some benefits (translation = products) that it is able to provide for its surrounding community. However, in all aspects it is a void of life and production of vitality for the range it covers. What makes this sea, so dead?..

It goes no where.

You may know that the famed Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea & there are some small waters that filter into the sea. But remarkably there isn’t an outflow of water.

Whether you are a business or a church, non-profit or fortune 500. There needs to be outflow from your entity. I am not just talking about an outflow of product, but all the energies and collection of talent in a company need to be pouring out into the community. So I ask, what are you doing that flows out into the community? What nutrients, positive energy, inner life, etc does your company/church give to build the greater good? Or, do you just hold everything within the walls for just the company/church?

As I mentioned, this isn’t an outflow of product, but allowing the passions & personalities of the company/church to move outward, beyond the current boundaries, to do and be a part of things that are not for a bottom line. Flowing outward to be a service to the surrounding community. It is in this spirit though that your company/church can ensure its future life. It is in this spirit that people will stick to who you are & what you are about. It is in this spirit that your innards will be revitalized by a movement that goes somewhere.

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