Over the years I’ve been in front of groups with one or two and a few thousand. I might be unique in thinking that no matter the size group, there is a gift to be shared & conversation to be had to help at least one person.

I can speak to topics & issues that I’ve already shared with other groups before.

  • Monastic Prayer Practices
  • Spirituality & Social Media
  • Creative Worship
  • Youth Ministry Design
  • Practical & Sustainable Youth Ministry
  • Youth Culture
  • Consumption
  • Technology & the Church
  • Prayer Stations
  • Taize Worship
  • Contemplative Life
  • Arts in Youth Ministry

You can request me as a challenger, speaker, facilitator for a retreat events for:

  • Pastors
  • Youth Groups
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Young Adults
  • Small Groups

If you want to talk further drop a line to me