Brooks first Christmas Performance

Brooks rang a bell for the children’s Christmas music service this year at church. It was a lot of fun for him. He loved his red bell and knew he had to wait to ring it. Not a small feat for a two year old.

We were/are quite proud of our little man.

Raking the Leaves

Spent part of today “helping” dad unit to rake the leaves in our yard. I did a little bit of actual work, but mostly I liked playing in the leaves, kicking the leaves, and petting Crimson. Not sure we ever actually finished raking leaves.




Family Reunion 2011 & Young Reception

We have had a whirlwind of a weekend going down the grandpa’s farm for the Richardson family reunion. We got down for the fish fry which was held a few hours earlier due to some important football game, the result of which we will not discuss here. Good times hanging with the family. Skipped the actual reunion part to make it to our friend Davey’s Alabama wedding reception. It was good to meet his wife Lindsey again (met her a few years back when they were dating while we were both in Dallas). She looked great and and Davey looked much like Davey should. The kiddos had a blast playing together. A few photos:

Richardson Family Reunion 2011

Richardson Family Reunion 2011Young : Alabama ReceptionYoung : Alabama ReceptionRichardson Family Reunion 2011Young : Alabama Reception Richardson Family Reunion 2011Richardson Family

More Photos in our November Photoset



Day at the Aquarium


We spent the day with some of our friends who have kids the same age as Brooks (they’d be our friends regardless of, it is just easier) on a road trip to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. We saw lots of cool fish, pet some stingrays, searched for some butterflies and more. We then played outside & walked across the pedestrian bridge to Coolidge Park to rid the Carousel & play in the grass some more. A little dinner after the walk back & some dancing to the music on the river and we were headed home… Exhausted..


Brooks Birthday Bash!

Our little man had his official 2 Years Birthday today. We had it at First Baptist Church in Hendersonville which has a cool indoor playground/climbing thing that goes up two stories. Their party staff was excellent to us as well. Brooks was excited with the Thomas the Train theme as well, it’s his favorite these days.










Photo of the Week : Brooks at the USS Arizona

Brooks at the USS Arizona Memorial

Brooks at the USS Arizona Memorial

As I’m mining through the photos from last weeks “work” trip to Hawaii, this one jumped out to me as a real gem from the week. This is our little man Brooks standing in front of the Marines Corps list of names at the USS Arizona memorial in pearl Harbor. Brooks by all accounts didn’t observe the silence rule that we were given by the park ranger. That made for just another interesting stop along the way with a 14mo old.

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