New series: 6 Words Of Welcome

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our newest series, 6 Words Of Welcome.
This series will allow you to explore and evaluate your own group’s attitudes and means of being welcoming to visitors and new members as you encounter them…

Unexamined Impulse is Prejudice | #missional


My buddy Sam Davidson at Cool People Care highlighted this 10 courageous actions to building community in your neighborhood community. It had me thinking that, 1. community is what people are looking for 2. people really do not know how to go about it anymore because we’ve spent a few generations segmenting our lives to […]

Phyllis Tickle, Freakonomics & a ‘vital’ congregation


In my latest posting of my newfound Neflix documentary watching I choose to watch Freakonomics. I am fascinated with Levitt’s concepts and numbers crunching analysis. This is rather funny to me because I am far from a numbers type person. However, he seems to tap into something that I believe for many of my church […]

Attraction vs Influence


Mitch Joel had some interesting thoughts the other day in regard to our obsessions with attracting the big crowd as a media & market solution. He threw out that Charlie Sheen has garnered over 1 million plus twitter followers within days of creating a profile. He even admitted that he is one of those followers […]