Standard United Methodist Youth Ministry

Standard Youth Ministry

See what I did there? I’ve gone on a bit here and other places grousing about the lack of a standard of youth ministry, particularly within the UMC. “Particularly” because I’m in the UMC, not because they’re worse than anybody else about it. It irritates the hell out of me.

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The Book of Discipline The Musical #umc #umclead #tnac2011

Book of Mormon

With the success of “The Book of Mormon”  & our United Methodist Church Annual Conferences happening around the UMC over the past month and half. Some friends & I had running imaginations that “The Book of Discipline” is just as confusing as the Book of Mormon so why not create a equally compelling broadway play […]

Phyllis Tickle, Freakonomics & a ‘vital’ congregation


In my latest posting of my newfound Neflix documentary watching I choose to watch Freakonomics. I am fascinated with Levitt’s concepts and numbers crunching analysis. This is rather funny to me because I am far from a numbers type person. However, he seems to tap into something that I believe for many of my church […]

NYWC : Reflecting on National Youth Workers Convention

This past weekend (and a bit of the week) was the east coast swing of the National Youth Workers Convention. This has been a staple of my life since early 2000′s. When the convention comes to Nashville I take on a bit different of a role. The role of volunteer. I email whomever and say, […]