Not All Youth want Tech All the Time

When you get around a bunch of teenagers you will see them pulling out their cell phones & other devices to start chatting with some other friends miles away. You probably follow suit.. I know I do. Still, youth need their respite from technology. According to this 70% of teenagers

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How to Make Your Ministry Pinteresting

Pinterest allows your church to be a curator of “cool” 

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media tool today, amassing over 10.5 million users as of late February. It has that same amount of referral traffic as Twitter does (AllTwitter), …

Lying to ourselves in Social Media

I was again amused by the publicity campaigns of who has made news recently for kicking out some 30,000 ‘members’ of their social media site. Last time they did that they claimed it was because people “let themselves go” after the Christmas/New Year holidays and the ‘beautiful people’ were complaining that the site had […]