the Fabulous Female Theologians of Twitter (some of)


No, this isn’t some calendar shoot idea, though admittedly that would be quite amusing. Yesterday Bill Reichart posted a Top 10 Theologians on Twitter and I shot back that there were no women theologians and that they all seemed to be the same stock white males that get thrown out everywhere. So Bill asked for […]

So the Bible is just a mass of Tweets & Facebook Status Updates

This posting originally written for Sticky Sheep I’ve been reading this article by a Jewish Rabbi about social media, its impact on youth culture, and what the bible has to teach us about participation in social media. (I read)”..much of the narrative element of the Tanakh as a series of facebook or twitter posts. Frequently, […]

Unmarketing in Nashville

Tonight I’m sitting in with many of my Nashville tech community friends as we meet Scott Stratten and his “unmarketing” experiences, theory, and book. The event was organized & hosted by my friend John Morgan. Posted via email from Pilgrimage of Gavin Richardson

i am all a twitter about the news : bud adams gets me air time

so i was rather surprised last night when i get a call from one of my youth. i apparently was on the news.. or rather, my twitter was on the news. yup, christian who does the social media & news coordination for channel two read off one of my twitter postings about the whole bud […]