Standard United Methodist Youth Ministry

Standard Youth Ministry

See what I did there? I’ve gone on a bit here and other places grousing about the lack of a standard of youth ministry, particularly within the UMC. “Particularly” because I’m in the UMC, not because they’re worse than anybody else about it. It irritates the hell out of me.

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Generations Bridge Youth Ministry Idea

Many times you hear of the need to bridge the youth with the older adults of the church to build the community of faith. We have heard the warnings of having a solo youth ministry that is not ingrained in the church becoming a ‘one eared mickey m…

Not All Youth want Tech All the Time

When you get around a bunch of teenagers you will see them pulling out their cell phones & other devices to start chatting with some other friends miles away. You probably follow suit.. I know I do. Still, youth need their respite from technology. According to this 70% of teenagers

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