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I call this gavo-webDesign!

I have been creating and designing websites since 1998 when you had to hand type code and work really hard to get some really simplified results. I am the perfect designer for individuals wanting a personal portfolio, blogging, and/or branding website without breaking the bank. Perfect for churches and non-profits wanting to update their look or get online for the first time. I am not your designer for some huge corporate web presence

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As a personal web designer I specialize in:

  • Lower budget web projects. I am not cheap, but I do try to work with individuals and non-profits to create site designs and construction that looks great and functions for the purposes needed. I work off a flat rate that will be quoted upon completion of our Quote Submission Form.
  • WordPress based sites where I do all the heavy lifting to get you going and you can do all the content creation direction of the site. I will give you a video training session on your site that can be reviewed over and over again or distributed to your team. I am able to craft sites using other CMSs (Content Management Systems) but that work tends to bring the cost of the project up.
  • Social Integration, I am an active developer in creating social profiles and site integration for a number of entities. Want your site plugged into your Facebook or Twitter. Have you covered.
  • Enhanced Email solutions using which ever email program you use. Want better ways to communicate with your audience or grow your audience, I have got you covered.
  • My clients email newsletter. Each month I send out an email with blogging tips, content ideas, social ideas and what other trends or thoughts I see that are of interest to you my client.
  • Custom Images. I create a few original graphics to give your site a neat look that fits the person or institutions personality. My sites are not graphic heavy and do not contain Flash as you need to work harder to get good search engine results.
  • Analytics set up and primed SEO integration according to your need. I have been number #1 in Google for my name for years, prayers stations, and a host of other keywords. I know how to help get your site to rank well (cannot promise #1 & anyone who does lies) but I will help set you and coach you (in video tutorial) on methods to help increase your sites search value.
  • Two months of free support and consulting. If you want to pay for an ongoing retainer of services that is fine, but I hope to set you up to not need me. Regardless, at the end of a project I know bugs or “How do I do that again?” questions arise and you can contact me for support free of charge for two months after a project is complete.
  • Ability to work with your e-commerce wants or needs. NOTE: this can be a very time consuming process and can bring up the cost of the project.

Is there anything more you want to know? Contact me.

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