the beginnings of the Methodist Mission in America?


A number of years ago when the Episcopal church has elected Bishop Gene Robinson and had gone through the turmoil of theological, ethical, and cultural debates of gay clergy and affirming those positions there were many from the Episcopal church. Not just because of that reason, there were a few localized reasons, my friend Thomas […]

Missional Drive Church?


I was pretty impressed with this pastor who has started a ‘Drive In’ church. Wasn’t so much impressed that he’s doing a drive in church, that seems rather silly to me. I was impressed that he is choosing to do sermons outside in the Texas heat wave this summer. That is just insane. Vans and […]

Come on, Take the Money and Run Church!


“Come on, Take the Money and Run. Woo, Woo!” (couldn’t resist a little Steve Miller Band in this posting) In my methodist church they have stated that a lottery is in congruent with Christian practice.. or more exactly. Gambling is a menace to society, deadly to the best interests of moral, social, economic, and spiritual […]

What Google Images Teaches Me about My Faith


Maybe it is me, but I find myself troubled by the things that Google Image shows me about the faith that I claim. This is significant in my opinion because google will push those things that are referenced or used the most to the top because they have been deemed as having the most worth […]