Tech Trends for 2010 & 2011 in Youth Ministry


Wrote this article for the folks at YMToday. I did a similar article last year. What do you think? Crazy talk? My pastor and friend Jay Voorhees interviewed Leo Laporte some six years ago for a now defunct podcast. For those who don’t know, Leo is a big deal when it comes to geek technologies […]

branding your YOUth ministry


I wrote up this posting for YouthWorker Movement & encapsulates some of my ‘short session’ from Perkins School of Youth Ministry last month. Last month I did a session at Perkins School of Youth Ministry on “branding” ones youth ministry (the image above is my whiteboard, minus that “revitalize church” not sure what that’s from). […]

So the Bible is just a mass of Tweets & Facebook Status Updates

This posting originally written for Sticky Sheep I’ve been reading this article by a Jewish Rabbi about social media, its impact on youth culture, and what the bible has to teach us about participation in social media. (I read)”..much of the narrative element of the Tanakh as a series of facebook or twitter posts. Frequently, […]

You, Your Brand, Your Product

Today at All American Pest Control Erin hosted an Accelerent seminar led by John Boyans on building sales, referrals, relationships, and overall Accelerent partnership. I’ve started making a few of these but today was a bit different since it was our home turf & it was in our brand new addition’s training room. My primary […]