Marketing to Blame for Riots


If you remember last year there were quite a bit of unrest in the England which centered around the young adult population. These young people were at the center of riots and protests through the summer. I remember following it some and the general consensus was that the poor economy and job market led to […]

Lying to ourselves in Social Media

I was again amused by the publicity campaigns of who has made news recently for kicking out some 30,000 ‘members’ of their social media site. Last time they did that they claimed it was because people “let themselves go” after the Christmas/New Year holidays and the ‘beautiful people’ were complaining that the site had […]

Lap Bands for Teenagers & our Failure


I am really troubled this morning to be reading this article in the LA Times about a leading producer of lap-bands targeting overweight teenagers. The Irvine company has asked the Food and Drug Administration to approve Lap-Band surgeries for adolescents as young as 14, and is conducting clinical trials on teenage patients, said Cathy Taylor, a […]

Foursquare your Church


The other week I was sitting down with my Hendersonville Geeks and Bill showed me this Foursquare special for Old Hickory United Methodist Church. I’m really familiar with OHUMC as one of my best buds (Jay Voorhees) has recently become the pastor there & I’ve lived in the neighborhood for a number of years now. […]