have you gotten your official united methodist calendar? i think i have

Calendar550x480one of those tools in ministry i've used year in and out is the methodist calendar. i've used the classic spiral bound calendar many of those years. my fav details is the lectionary listings not to mention the special days listed in the classic calendar. it also fits nicely in my briefcase.

the last two years i've used the wall sized dry erase calendar which was helpful, but i never spent a large majority of my time in the office so it wasn't as helpful.

this year i'm kinda stoked to try out the digital version that is google cal compatible. i'll probably also order a classic one as well, you should get a version as well.


  1. says

    Wow, $19.95 for digital and $9.95 for paper? That makes about as much sense as Amazon charging more for a Kindle version than for a paperback, or in some cases even a hardback!

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