methoApp : the methodist church into the 21st century mobile technology

4610420499_2985c7fd15_oyou might have seen my tweet about it, or maybe the article itself about the british methodist church's new iphone app. in the short time i've had it i really do like it. my quick thoughts:

it isn't over done: too often when we make stuff in the church it has to do everything for everyone and it ends up sucking at all things. like a 'one size fits all' life preserver, it doesn't actually fit anyone. so it has a daily prayer, a daily scripture meditation & news.

it has a simple news section that not only provides the usual suspect news on the methodist church, but also tweets mentioning 'methodist' (at least that seems to be the key search term, so you should see this posting show up at some point).

the formatting is really good. some of the stuff other churches put out is taken from some other medium and just put in through some cut & paste job. i appreciate that the content looks like it should be there.

it is free.. that is a nice part about any iphone app.

i know some of the other umc agencies and entities of the church are trying to put out their own application, i think they'd be wise to take a look at the first one on the scene


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    Here’s hoping the denomination considers the whole of the Church as they develop apps. While some of us have fought hard to reduce the broad spectrum of denominational websites, I’m concerned we’ll soon be seeing a vast number of apps being developed by agencies, conferences, churches, etc. Each with their message or utility. The Church doesn’t need any more clutter. Watch for a blog post from me on the subject very soon.

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