God’s Realities versus the United Methodist Church’s Realities

United Methodist Financial Church Realities

I just watched this video below put together the by United Methodist Church’s General Council on Finance and Accountability. There are some seriously sobering statistics in here that deal with the hard numbers of money. To not paint this as total doom and gloom they highlighted that the church was still doing good work (and […]

the beginnings of the Methodist Mission in America?


A number of years ago when the Episcopal church has elected Bishop Gene Robinson and had gone through the turmoil of theological, ethical, and cultural debates of gay clergy and affirming those positions there were many from the Episcopal church. Not just because of that reason, there were a few localized reasons, my friend Thomas […]

Surviving to Thriving in Youth Ministry #psym11


I’ve been at Perkins School of Youth Ministry this week teaching a number of topics. One of my classes is on the web, one of my ‘short shops’ was on “Brand YOUth Ministry.” The big one for me was teaching a class on moving from surviving in youth ministry to thriving in youth ministry. At […]

a Life Giving Christmas

Friends at United Methodist Communications sent me a copy of their media pack for “A Life Giving Christmas” as part of their ReThinkChurch campaigns. I thought it’d be something pretty lame that I wouldn’t want to pitch, but it really isn’t. I wouldn’t go so far as to say its the next best thing, but […]