Surviving to Thriving in Youth Ministry #psym11

I’ve been at Perkins School of Youth Ministry this week teaching a number of topics. One of my classes is on the web, one of my ‘short shops’ was on “Brand YOUth Ministry.” The big one for me was teaching a class on moving from surviving in youth ministry to thriving in youth ministry.

At the core, there is a lot of self reflection, discernment and then team building to set the culture and vision before all the planning and implementations. Then it is a matter of “rinse & repeat” of the planning and communications.

Here’s the outline of our class that we worked through. If you haven’t used a Prezi for a presentation, do yourself a favor and play around with it. They are fun to create and are a nice break from a keynote or powerpoint.


  1. Jeff McCormick says

    I think I would have enjoyed hearing that one. Any audio/video of it? I watched the prezi but would love to hear how you elaborated on all that….thanks bro, I hope you’re doing great!

    • Gavin says

      Yeah, no audio of the session. It went over 4 days and was a lot of group work, ie jot down three items here, four there.. Keep close you’ll see more from this and other good things in the works.

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